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CAM Specialist Support van

Driving home the safety message

As experts in working at height, safety plays a crucial part of life at CAM Specialist Support. It’s not just the operatives working up buildings who are in potential peril so CAM has also focused on the safety of its drivers, to protect them, their passengers and the public when they are out on the road.

Sean Canty, Director at CAM, explained: “We check our vehicles regularly to ensure they are in good condition and it makes sense to check our drivers too. Fitting our vans with speed trackers and dashboard cameras means that we can assess our operatives’ driving. We can then recognise those who do it well and review, and where appropriate retrain, those whose driving leaves a little to be desired. We’ve all felt the frustration of traffic delays and wanted to make up time, but these tools remind our drivers to be responsible on the roads.

“Making sure people are thinking about their driving style means they are more considerate of other road users and they drive in a more economical style – better for our books and the environment.”

Like any business CAM needs to make money, but being part of the community it works in is also central to CAM’s ethos and this safety initiative is part of that approach. CAM is also a London Living Wage employer and takes on apprentices from the local community.

The specialist’s apprentice – a job with a view

Not everyone would turn down a place at university to join the cleaning industry, but as his apprenticeship comes to an end, Ross Hayward, Safety Administrator at CAM Specialist Support, has no regrets for having done just that.

Although academic qualifications are not a prerequisite to get on CAM’s apprenticeship programme, having gained A-Levels in Mathematics, Biology, English Literature and Drama, Ross was clearly the sort of recruit CAM Specialist Support is trying to appeal to as it seeks to attract and retain quality staff to work in the cleaning industry.

Ross said: “On completion of my A-Levels, I was preparing to begin my studies at the University of Bristol. I eventually came to the conclusion that I would benefit more from pursuing a career through an apprenticeship. I wanted to test myself outside of the academic bubble, and develop new skills by working side-by-side with the experts. Although turning down a place at university may seem bizarre, my view is that as long as you are committed to professional development and learning, whichever pathway you choose will be the right one.

“My work at CAM is interesting and challenging. Despite being an apprentice, the work I do carries a large amount of legislatively-driven responsibility. While continuing to study and build upon my knowledge of health and safety legislation, I spend most of my time producing risk assessments and responding to customers’ health and safety enquiries. As well as the administrative aspects of my job, I take time to visit sites and carry out inspections. For example, I recently visited the roof area of a site in Kings Cross prior to the commencement of an abseiling task. Not only did this give me an insight into the practicality of abseiling, it also gave me the opportunity to view London from a perspective that few people are able to; not many classrooms compare.”

Things continue to look up for Ross as Tim Jones, Director at working at height specialists, CAM Specialist Support, explained: “We’ve been delighted with the progress Ross has made over the past year. He’s a real asset to the team and we look forward to working with him for years to come. The cleaning industry is a place of real opportunity for people like Ross – we believe he’ll be running the safety department in the not-too-distant future.”

CAM Specialist Support launches brand new company CAM Abseiling Ltd to deliver dedicated rope access services

Cleaning and building maintenance expert CAM Specialist Support has launched CAM Abseiling Ltd, a brand new company focused on delivering a comprehensive range of safe, efficient industrial rope access solutions for building owners and managing agents.

CAM Abseiling Ltd sits within the CAM group and is dedicated to carrying out complex building support services that involve working at height or working in difficult access scenarios, including window cleaning, general maintenance and repairs, construction cladding, and survey and inspection work.  CAM Abseiling also covers interior atria and stairwells where safe access may be an issue.

A consultancy service is available to developers and architects at the design stage of construction projects, to plan strategies for rope access or other working at height operations for the finished building.

All abseiling work is carried out by CAM’s specialist, fully IRATA trained, in-house team, which ensures the highest level of safety and supervision for clients.  Tailored site surveys, detailed customised risk assessments and method statements are provided by IRATA Level 3 Rope Access Team Leaders who identify and evaluate the safest, most appropriate method of access.

CAM Abseiling’s rope access team is also equipped to manage other trades working from building cradles, mobile elevated work platforms, scaffolding and prefabricated access towers, ensuring coordinated service provision for clients.

The new company is headed by its Operations Director, Elijah Howell, who was formerly an IRATA Level 3 Supervisor. Elijah has worked with CAM Specialist Support for ten years and brings with him a wealth of knowledge, experience and expertise.

Commenting on the new development, Elijah says: “The CAM group is highly experienced in providing specialist support to building managers and agents in what are usually classed as high risk operations when maintaining and cleaning high level buildings, and the launch of CAM Abseiling represents a natural extension for our business. There are benefits to rope access techniques for our clients, not least because of the versatility and unobtrusive nature of these systems, meaning that our rope access team can proceed with minimum impact on structure and surroundings, often getting the job done at a fraction of the cost compared with scaffolding or MEWPs.”

With more than 25 years’ experience in the cleaning and building maintenance industries, the group has built up a solid reputation for its robust commitment to safety and training at all levels and clients can be assured that CAM Abseiling’s team is highly qualified in providing expert rope access solutions for working at height.

CAM Specialist Support installs ‘eye in the sky’ for amazing views of Aylesbury’s famous  peregrines

Outdoor cleaning specialist spreads wings to help client, Aylesbury Vale District Council, track the birds’ progress

CAM Specialist Support is well-known throughout the UK cleaning and facilities management industries for providing its clients with services that require skills that are out of the ordinary, but its latest job for Aylesbury Vale District Council hits even greater heights – quite literally!

CAM has installed a very special ‘cam’ on the top of the County Hall building, where two peregrine falcons have decided to make their nest. Widely thought to be the world’s fastest animal, with claims that they can reach speeds of up to 240mph when diving and swooping for prey, they have been a fixture at the site in Aylesbury for the last three years.

CAM Specialist Support offers a wide range of cleaning and maintenance services including window cleaning – via platforms or abseiling, cladding and extractor cleaning, gutter and roof clearance, as well as the provision of energy reduction solutions. It drew upon its expertise in the maintenance of tall buildings for this latest project, which gives a new meaning to the phrase ‘bird’s eye view’.

Sean Canty, director of CAM Specialist Support, said: “Specialist high level access is just one of the highly technical services in which we specialise, and this helped us immensely when taking on this unusual but extremely satisfying project. The birds are currently brooding three eggs, which we hope will hatch successfully later in April. The CAM ‘cam’ will enable people from around the world to watch the footage online, something the team are incredibly proud of.”

You can see footage and images at http://www.aylesburyperegrine.org.uk/