Low Energy Lighting

CAM Maintenance low energy lighting gives superb optical control and colour definition, energy savings and a very long life. Its latest white LEDs have high outputs, making them ideal for external areas.

CAM Maintenance specialist low energy LED lighting:

  • generally uses 10% of the energy consumed by traditional lighting and reduces electricity costs by up to 70%, as well as significantly lowering C0² emissions;
  • has a life of up to 100,000 hours, equating to approximately 25 years with typical night-time use;
  • requires no routine servicing, further reducing costs and avoiding the possibility of missed maintenance.

CAM Maintenance is an approved supplier of business loans for lighting upgrades. Unsecured loans may be available to businesses wishing to cut costs and save energy.

For further information about CAM’s low energy lighting, please contact CAM Maintenance by telephone: 020 3411 7211 or by email: info@camsupport.co.uk.