CAM Specialist Support invites architects and principal designers to speak with us at the pre-application stage of any new developments where work at height will become foreseeable. We can then work together on the application of the hierarchy of measures which must be considered when selecting the safest and most reasonably practicable methods/equipment for work at height.

CAM Specialist Support can work with you to identify and implement a safe access strategy and safe methods of working at height. Its consultants will survey, report and recommend the safest, cost-effective working system to access your building.

CAM Specialist Support will gain an understanding of the reasons access is required to your internal atrium, external facades or enclosed spaces such as ducts or tanks and then propose the safest and most efficient method of working.

Whatever the outcome, you can rest easy as CAM Specialist Support provides risk and method statements for the work to be done and then manages the entire process safely.

For further information about access strategy and safe systems of work , please contact CAM Specialist Support by telephone: 020 3411 7211 or by email: