CAM Training offers Federation of Window Cleaners (FWC), IOSH approved, “Cleaning Windows Safely” and “Safe Use of Portable Ladders and Water-Fed Pole Systems”.

With Health & Safety regulations becoming tougher, and the cost of insurance rising rapidly, window cleaners are turning increasingly to water-fed poles (WFP). They greatly reduce the need to work at height in the case of windows that can be viewed from ground level and that are not obstructed. Although inherently safer, consideration must still be given to operational and other risks. Through a combination of theoretical and practical instruction, operatives can develop an awareness of the legal implications, common hazards and precautions, correct operation of equipment, pre-use inspection, elevating and lowering both WFPs and ladders.

Successful completion of both written & practical assessment is marked by the issuing of a certificate by CAM Training.

This is an open course available at our London location.

For further information about FWC courses, please contact CAM Training by telephone: 020 3411 7211 or by email: info@camsupport.co.uk.