External cladding on shops, retail parks, industrial units or warehouses can quickly become covered in grime and dirt through general day-to-day activities. Dirty and unsightly external cladding can ruin the look of your operation, but CAM Specialist Support can help.

CAM specialises in cleaning and restoring building fa├žades on industrial and commercial buildings. Not only does this specialist treatment enhance the appearance of the building, it increases the lifespan of the cladding and reduces on-going costs for facilities managers and building owners.

CAM’s specialist cladding cleaning is much more cost effective and gets far better, longer lasting, results than alternative methods, such as re-coating or re-painting the cladding, or pressure washing.

For further information about CAM’s specialist cladding cleaning, please contact CAM Specialist Support by telephone: 020 3411 7211 or by email: