CAM Specialist Support calls on cleaning industry to help attract next generation of cleaning professionals

The cleaning industry is not often the first choice destination for school, college or university leavers and those seeking work, but CAM Specialist Support is looking to change that. With the Living Wage prominent in the news following George Osborne’s recent budget, the building services company is aiming to showcase the career prospects available in the sector and is calling on the cleaning industry to ensure that new recruits are paid fairly.

Matt Johnson, Director at CAM Specialist Support said: “The cleaning industry offers tremendous opportunities to the right people. I myself started off as a window cleaner and now run my own diverse company. However, we need to make the industry more attractive to quality applicants so that our profession gains the credibility it deserves. The first stage on that journey is to ensure we pay a wage that people can actually live on.”

CAM Specialist Support is an accredited Living Wage employer and pays the Living Wage of at least £9.15 per hour in London. The current National Minimum Wage is just £6.50, a figure that is unsustainable and leads to in-work poverty.

Matt acknowledges that the tender process for cleaning contracts is almost exclusively driven by price, but says it is up to the industry to increase their clients’ understanding of the results of low prices on the frontline workers cleaning their offices, shops, schools and other premises.

CAM Specialist Support is committed to its employees and runs a support programme, which includes training, investment and personal development. Alongside this it matches and exceeds local expectations regarding levels of remuneration and pension contributions for staff.

Matt added: “The cleaning industry is about so much more than pushing a mop or broom around, it is ripe with opportunities for those with an entrepreneurial spirit. Cleaning can be a varied and rewarding career and one that offers plenty of prospects.

“At CAM Specialist Support we offer every service a building owner or manager could need. That means people who work for us have a great chance to learn a lot and get involved with many different aspects of the cleaning industry.”