Blog post: A wider view of London

by Sean Canty, Director, CAM Specialist Support

As working at height specialists, we are part of a select group in terms of our overview of London, something that makes me feel a common bond with the incoming Mayor of London.
Perhaps an even stronger link though is our support for fair treatment of London’s workers and in particular paying the Living Wage. I was therefore delighted when the front runners for the campaign, Sadiq Khan and Zac Goldsmith, both committed their support to the London Living Wage at the biggest event of the Mayoral Campaign last week.
Whatever your political persuasion, it’s good to know that either of the men expected to replace Boris Johnson as Mayor are going to promote the Living Wage Foundation’s wage level so that people can actually afford to live in the capital. With the cost of living so high in London this a vital step in ensuring we can attract and retain quality workers and boost our economy – something else that we are committed to.
Quite how this support for the Living Wage will manifest itself is yet to be seen, but both candidates back the recommendation to make more GLA suppliers pay the London Living Wage, which would be a great start.
It would also be good to see other measures to support responsible companies, such as Lewisham Council’s business rate discount for businesses that commit to the Living Wage, spread more widely.
Whoever wins, I wish them the best of luck and hope that by the end of their term they can look proudly at a great city that pays all its workers fairly and ensures a better quality of life for all.

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